Meet Our Team

At Sims City Cleaners, we believe the heart of our service is our dedicated team. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our professionals are the driving force behind our success. Get to know the people who make it all happen.


Rick Sims - Founder & CEO of Sims City Cleaners

Rick Sims

Founder & CEO

Sims’s vision for a premier dry cleaning service is the cornerstone of Sims City Cleaners. With over 15 years in the industry, his expertise and passion for excellence set the standard for our entire operation.

Alicia Rodriguez

Chief Operating Officer

Alicia oversees our day-to-day operations with a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. Her leadership ensures that every garment is treated with the utmost care and precision.

Emily Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer

Emily spearheads our marketing with a focus on digital innovation and brand growth, fueling Sims City Cleaners’ market presence.

Customer Service

Rick Sims - Founder & CEO of Sims City Cleaners

Michael Chen

Customer Service Manager

Michael leads our customer service team with empathy and efficiency. He’s dedicated to resolving your concerns and ensuring a seamless experience from pickup to delivery.

Customer Support Specialist

Samantha Lee

Customer Support Specialist

Samantha’s friendly voice and problem-solving skills make her an invaluable asset to our customers. She’s always ready to answer your questions and facilitate your service requests.

David Harper

Customer Relations Specialist

David ensures every client interaction is positive, resolving inquiries with efficiency and a personal touch that defines the Sims City Cleaners experience.

Cleaning Specialists

aldo rhodes

Aldo Rhodes

Head Dry Cleaning Technician

Aldo’s meticulous approach to garment care has been honed over a decade of experience. He ensures that every item is spotless and perfectly pressed.

Lucas Smith

Leather & Suede Artisan

Lucas specializes in the delicate craft of cleaning and restoring leather and suede. His attention to detail brings out the best in your valuable pieces.

Rachel Mai

Restoration Specialist

Rachel’s expertise in garment recovery brings new life to cherished pieces, expertly restoring them to their original glory for Sims City Cleaners’ customers.

Delivery Team

Oliver Jackson

Lead Delivery Driver

Oliver’s punctuality and dedication make our reliable pickup and delivery service possible. He takes pride in being the final step in our service chain.

Grace Kim

Logistics Coordinator

Grace is the mastermind behind our delivery routes and schedules. Her organizational skills ensure that your clothes are returned to you on time, every time.

Carlos Gomez

Route Operations Manager

Carlos optimizes delivery logistics, ensuring timely and accurate service, making sure that every customer of Sims City Cleaners receives their garments when expected.

Behind the Scenes

Ava Thompson

Maintenance Supervisor

Ava keeps our machines running smoothly, ensuring that we’re always ready to serve you without delay.

Noah Garcia

Sustainability Officer

Noah is dedicated to keeping our processes eco-friendly and our business sustainable, reflecting our commitment to the environment.

Emma Patel

Equipment Manager

Emma keeps our state-of-the-art cleaning machinery in top condition, enabling us to provide consistent, high-quality service.

Support Staff

Liam Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Liam’s organizational skills and support keep our office running smoothly, ensuring that the team can focus on providing top-tier service.

Sophia Martinez

Marketing Coordinator

Sophia’s creative strategies and community engagement efforts help spread the word about our services and values.

Kevin Zhao

IT Support Technician

Kevin maintains our digital infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation of our scheduling systems and online services, keeping Sims City Cleaners connected and secure.

Tara Johnson

Human Resources Assistant

Tara supports our team with her expertise in HR practices, fostering a workplace culture that values each member of the Sims City Cleaners family.

Jasmine Lame

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Jasmine meticulously oversees the quality control processes at Sims City Cleaners, ensuring every service meets our high standards for excellence.

Miguel Sanchez

Inventory Specialist

Miguel manages our supply chain with precision, ensuring all cleaning materials are in stock and eco-friendly, aligning with Sims City Cleaners’ commitment to sustainability.

Join us at Sims City Cleaners, where our team’s expertise, dedication, and passion for service come together to offer you the best in garment care.